June 28, 2016 @ 8:59 AM

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**HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hotwire News) - We knew we could count on Rihanna. While the reactions to Kanye West‘s provocative and controversial new music video has garnered differing responses from the celebs featured in the image, RiRi‘s is by far the best.

The pop-star didn’t have an issue with being featured in the image, but she did have some notes for how the designers could have kept her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown‘s body truer to form.

“There have been many mornings, afternoons, evening and nights where Ri’s laid in bed next to Chris pillow talking. And seeing ‘Famous’ made her reminisce on those occasions,” a source close to the songstress told HollywoodLife.

The source continued, “Breezy was the best sex of her life and when they were in bed together, those sheets were on fire! Chris has a much better body than in ‘Famous’ though and she noticed it immediately…His a** is much firmer and his back is more muscular. She would know. She’s spent many times massaging it after he hurt it during sex,” the source concluded.

Brown, himself enjoyed the picture as well, posting about it a couple times on his own Instagram page.


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Leave it to Rihanna to focus on what’s important.
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