June 27, 2016 @ 9:03 AM

News By UnPretty Ricky

**CLEVELAND, OH (Hotwire News) - NO HE DIDN'T!! Did Kyrie Irving just dissed all Black women by not welcoming them to his yacht party??! That championship heat faded real quick. NBA champ Kyrie Irving is getting quite a bit of heat for his latest post-victory celebration.

The Cleveland Cavaliers threw himself a yacht party after a hard-fought win in the NBA Finals, but footage of the event posted to social media has people are up in arms.
See if you can tell why:
Yeah. It appears that only white girls were invited to party with Kyrie. Of course, a clip like this won’t go without a few jokes, but the anger is clear:
Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but that seems pretty unlikely. Some on Twitter are even alleging that one of Kyrie’s friends said, “Kyrie only likes white girls so he told his friends not to bring any Black girls on the boat.”

That’s impossible to prove, but that fiesta felt very white, indeed.
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