June 15, 2017 @ 9:20 PM

News By Henry Sharpe

BOSTON, MA (Hotwire News) - The change is coming!! iPower One / 98.9 WIPB-FM, an online radio station in the Boston, MA area will be making a slight changes to reach out to more listening audience. iPower One Executive Producer, DeMarco White says, "The time is now to relocate the iPower brand to another major city looking for real talent."

Reason for the change is that the iPower One radio station has been lacking full support for the past 10 years in the Boston, Massachusetts area; despite of the 40% loyal listeners from Boston that tune in faithfully to the online radio station as people listened to the longest running 4 hour radio show called, "The iPower Evening Show", that reaches a demographic of 3000 or more listeners natiowide who are African-American and people of color in urban cities.

Despite on how some people feel about the online radio station in the Boston, MA area has mixed thoughts & opinions. The online radio station itself has also grabs some listening audience also in Providence, Rhode Island; Hartford & New Haven, Connecticut. Listeners across the country in some major cities has aslo tune in via text, emails & phone calls; even iPower 98.9FM has also attracted some new listeners in the New York / New Jersey Tri-State area.

On last week's show "The iPower Evening Show" crew of DeMarco, UnPretty Ricky & Stefan Mason also had thoughts & opinions about relocated the online radio station for better listening audience. Those discussions were very positive & supportive. Despite of the iPower radio show succeeded over 10 years on the internet airwaves since it's debut in 2007, they did it without the help of Boston's African-American / Latino communities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

DeMarco & his crew never gave up!! Even some loyal fans who has supported iPower One radio throughout the 10 years since it's existence, some are encourage host & executive producer DeMarco to leave Boston for a better opportunity like in New York, New Jersey, Atlanta or even Los Angeles where's he's 10 times more likely to get picked up or offer a sweet deal that can bring in more listeners and more revenue to a major city.

The City of Boston is known for thousands or talented artists and radio host from low-income communities of color; but lack of resource is having the iPower One executive producer to look somewhere else where he as the co-founder of iPower One radio, will not be overlooked based on his talent and others on the online radio station. iPower 98.9FM switches from Boston to a New York online radio station starting Wednesday, July 5, 2017 -- right after the 4th of July.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and  more updates on this story!!
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