June 15, 2017 @ 10:17 PM

News By UnPretty Ricky

LOS ANGELES, CA (Hotwire News) - The radio host's listeners are pissed. Steve Harvey put his foot in his mouth once again, but this time he may have gone a little too far.

According to various listeners of The Steve Harvey Morning Show, the host, who is a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, joked with a listener from Flint that they didn’t have clean water after the caller said he didn’t think LeBron James deserved to win the NBA championship.

One listener claims that Steve said, “You from Flint. That’s why y’all ain’t got no clean water. When’s the last time you touched water that didn’t have lead in it?”

He allegedly even told the caller, “Go have yourself a nice glass of brown water.” After his co-host reportedly told him to apologize, Steve refused, saying he’s not apologizing for nothing. The harsh joke comes just after Harvey sparked outrage on social media for the savage memo he wrote to his talk show staff, basically telling them not to talk to him.

It’s also not a good look for Steve to make fun of undeserved communities after he supposedly took the opportunity to meet Donald Trump in order to help solve similar issues plaguing Black Americans. Do you think Steve Harvey just made a tacky joke, like Bill Maher — or does he deserve the social media wrath headed his way?
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