June 15, 2017 @ 9:23 PM

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**NEW YORK, NY (Hotwire News) - Producer L.T. Hutton spills all the details. Anticipation builds as we’re days away from the 2Pac biopic All Eyez On Me. The film’s producer, L.T. Hutton, revealed a lot in an interview with The Breakfast Club on Wednesday. He sat down with the flick’s director, Benny Boom, and explained how the project was years in the making.

Hutton’s most revealing comments came when they got on the subject of John Singleton. The Boyz n the Hood director was one of the people involved early on and now, he’s the person most against the film. Hutton addressed Singleton’s critiques and according to him, Singleton’s original script is completely different than what we will see on Friday.

“There were a multitude of things that he wanted to do that just weren’t flattering to 2Pac himself,” Hutton said. “You knew what was going on and now you want to defame the guy? Not on my watch.”

Hutton confirms rumors that Singleton included a rape scene in the film. “The raped in jails stuff, yea he wanted to put that in there,” said Hutton.

The producer then described how the movie started in Singleton’s script. “2Pac goes in the studio. One guy’s in the studio, he’s getting head. So 2Pac is with the other girl, you know and these girls are White, and 2Pac tries to give her anal,” Hutton says. “The girl denies him, he kicks her out and he tells the White girls to go home and tell your dad you got f*cked by a n*gga today. End scene. What movie is that bro?”

That’s not all.

Hutton explains that Singleton’s script was over-sexualized in general, saying “every page they’re f*cking.” He even said a threesome scene involving 2Pac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, was included in the script.

There’s still more.

Lastly, Hutton said John Singleton wanted to include a scene where Pac is talking to his own cut-off head. “It’s like a dream sequence where 2Pac’s head was cut off and he was in the cell and he went, picked up his own head, and spoke to his own head,” said Hutton.

There’s so much in this interview you have to watch it for yourself. Check it out below:
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Movie opens Friday, June 16 (on Pac's birthday) in selected movie theaters nationwide
LT Hutton & Benny Boom Discuss Creative Differences With John Singleton On The 2Pac Film & More