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“For the past 10 years we have faced betrayal, hate, jealously, victims of the “PICKING & CHOOSING” mentality. We’ve lost people who we thought were our friends of ours for a long time. Throughout the years of experience that I myself has personally witnessed, I’d witnessed everything from lies and negative vibes that has happened to me and the rejections from communities where you live is not welcomed due to their own uncomfortable thoughts, opinions and body language about myself who they despise. We (radio colleagues) have been lied to and lied on. We’ve been rejected not by that pre-judging but by jealousy and ignorance. Anytime we would offer to make a difference they automatically shut it down based on their own self jealousy and self ignorance towards me & others.
It’s not the City of Boston or anywhere else that is against me, but it’s some of the people in the City
of Boston who’d planned & chose to be against me, my colleagues and this radio station since day one. So, as a results we had an emergency meeting to put new directive policies in place so that we
will never have to go through disappointments, discouragement and anger whether we are pre-judged, rejected or disliked based on someone else’s ignorance, hate or jealousy. Life goes on and we’re planning to move on what we do best; and that’s continue with our voices behind these microphones
of this radio station.”

DeMarco J.
Host - The iPower Evening Show
Any questions regarding the new directive policies  Email iPower 98.9FM

for our HeartPlanet Media Host & DJ Personalities
1.) No listening, mentioning nor names of any Urban Radio Station under HeartPlanet Media.
2.) No voluntary involvement in urban communities without invitations by politicians, organizers and activist.
3.) No mention of local politics on HeartPlanet Media station (pending).
4.) Decline shady offers if not beneficial to the radio station.
5.) Do not mention this internet radio station unless ask, pending if your promoting the station in other major cities.
6.) No interview request to local individuals pending on who is the individual who has verbally attacked this radio station of false accusations. 
7.) Reject community invitation events if felt uncomfortable (pending).
8.) No mention of local communities (pending) for the exception of commercial/ads.
9.) No doing business with local individuals regarding this station (pending) unless well known like NYC or elsewhere.
10.) No endorsements of any local political candidates for expectation of U.S. Representatives, Senators or U.S. Presidents.
11.) No mention of local access, local urban newspapers except NY Daily News, Boston Globe, Herald, etc.
12.) Watching local access channels are prohibit and not to be mentioned unless invited.
13.) Only music superstar artist & limited local artists are allowed to be promoted and commercialized on this station.
14.) Local artist must sign a contract that he or she is responsible for creating radio edits to block out profanity or words that could be offensive. Plus agreeing to interviews to promote single or album.
15.) No mention of names of local community organizers, activist or leaders unless nationalist Civil Rights leaders and organizers.
16.) No exchanging personal information to anyone regarding this radio station.
1.) Serve the public behind the microphones.
2.) Reaching main targets of informing the Tri-States of New York, New Jersey & Connecticut of iPower One Nation.
3.) Uphold responsibility and accountability to this internet radio station despite of any condition it’s currently in whether in financial difficulties or show delays.
DeMarco On The Radio - Executive Producer Host
UnPretty Ricky - HeartPlanet Concert Cue Co-Host
Rafael Castro - Straight from ESPNews Co-Host
Stefan Mason - Keepin It Old Skool Co-Host