In December 2005, The Briteside Boston Official Website debut. Originally based on the proposed written sitcom, "Lookin' on the Briteside of Boston" based off of the 1970's TV sitcom Good Times originally set in the Chicago Housing Projects. DeMarco Treddford-White's goal was a visionary to have the written sitcom set in Boston's Bromley-Heath Housing Projects in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Testing the rough waters and obstacles here in the City of Boston by inviting participants to take part in the sitcom project creation.

But unfortunately, not everything was successful nor as planned due to lack of participants, lack of support and lack of revenue to get the project going. Ignored by the city and had the door closed shut for opportunities to get involved in the community, Lookin' on the Briteside of Boston sitcom proposal was later scraped. Website co-creator DeMarcus Treddford-White tried to make a difference in trying a make a positive goal by turn a sitcom into a reality but became a total flop. The website ran as for written plays from 2005 to 2006. The official website domain was called BritesideBostonOnline.com.

"I was given the name 'Playwrighter' by one of the stageplay actors who was performing in Waltham, Massachusetts,  that I'd attended to get a better experience in the acting field. I myself written a whole entire season one episode of Lookin on the Briteside of Boston, (Episodes 1 through 25) Webpages included character backgrounds, a line-up a casting crew, the show's settings (Such as living rooms, kitchen, etc.) Opening and closing theme songs originally  by volunteer participant Corey Springer aka Young C from Brighton, Massachusetts. Also photos of the exact housing projects in Boston of Jamaica Plain. The Briteside of Boston sitcom that was not even close to as the 1970's sitcom Good Times. This was an original show were real matter in the communities across America, but laughter was the most important."
Lookin on the Briteside of Boston TV show takes place in the heart of Boston's housing projects in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. It was targeted towards family viewers, young and old, ages 8 and up and discussing today's real life issues, positive & negative, and decisions on the new generation of African-Americans, Latinos and other ethnic family issues across the country; bringing laughter, anger and sadness but mostly laughter.
The sitcom show presented life from the prospective of everyday struggles dealt with by family strengths and values. It resolves conflicts though positive action...and not violence.


DeMarco may have retired from play writing back in 2006, but has kept the name 'Playwrighter' name to remind him that the talent he had to create a TV sitcom, but was not given a chance nor not the case. Moving onto the next project phase that will change his life forever but was never a dream for DeMarco until he was encourage
by two major nationally syndicated radio host of color. From 2005 to 2006, "Looking on the Briteside of Boston" sitcom website was no more. In January 2007, the website was transformed into a media website for internet radio inspired by Tom Joyner from the "
The Tom Joyner Morning Show " , and Russ Parr from
"The Russ Parr Morning Show", both from Radio-One. Inc

DeMarco who is known as "The Sometimes Most hated Man in the City of Boston" was given by the community which he accepted based on his MBTA scroll artwork, knowledge, talent and creation.  The internet radio show was called THE JPMH BOB SHOW (Jamaica Plain - Mission Hill Briteside Of Boston Show)
name after the TV sitcom proposal that was overlook. The JPMH BOB SHOW was originally created by DeMarcus White & Brain Chung-Lee. Yung-C was the man behind creating the music for the show, and Brian Lee was the man behind assisting DeMarco creating the internet radio station.

The internet radio show was across between Radio-One's Tom Joyner, Russ Parr and
Jamn’ 94.5’s Ramiro Torres. In August 2007, Stefan Mason from Roxbury, Massachusetts made his debut called Keepin‘ It Old Skool. Pete Sonny on the Loose also from Roxbury made his debut in September 2007. In December 2007, Ricardo Stone aka UnPretty Ricky made his debut. The JPMH BOB SHOW started off as a 3 hour internet radio show program in 2007 featured music genre day shows. The new official website domain became JPMHBOBOnline.com.


HIP-HOP and R&B MONDAY * TALENT SKILL TUESDAY   (Now Hip-Hop and R&B Tuesday)
VARIETY SHOUTOUT WEDNESDAY (Now Mix-It-Up Variety Wednesday) *

In January 2008, The JPMH BOB SHOW expanded to 4 hours bringing in the new elements in the 3rd hour called The 2-0 on the 617 Music Joint. (20 minutes of the hottest, today & yesterday's music) and ESPNEWS. The internet radio show started to pick up like never before, receiving calls in Boston, New England and across the country. Mike Austin from Savin Hill Dorchester, Massachusetts was the voice behind the drop ins.
DeMarco & Ricky later took over as the current DJ drop in As the show was growing two new-comber Tyke Jones Williams debut in the winter of 2008 and Stacey Jordan aka Stacey J. made his debut in that summer. During that year in September we launch PowerVoice 2008 during the Presidential Election season supporting then United States Senator Barack Obama was running for President of the United States. In it's first year, The JPMH BOB SHOW has received 4720 emails and 4610 phone calls across the country. At the end the year in December 2008, The JPMH BOB SHOW made a team decision to take the next format transformation.

 In January 2009, the power of internet radio help find the local and nationwide listening audience of over 5000 listeners in 2008. The internet radio show was so successful it became an internet power. Stefan Mason who originally came up with the idea to re-name The JPMH BOB SHOW to I-POWER 617 RADIO (Internet Power 617) Meaning the power of internet radio and the 617 area code that represents the people in the City of Boston. So the radio station media transformation was made. The new official website domain was renamed IPower617Online.com, and The 617 JPMH BOB SHOW was renamed The I-Power 617 Evening Show.

It took over one year for the name change and format transformation to be switched over. During that same year in 2009 Rafael-Alexandro Castro from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts made his debut January 2009, taking his views, thoughts and opinions to a Latino-Puerto Rican and Dominican prospective; and also creating his own segment called Castro’s Random Stories that targets everything from news, emails, sports, concerts and events that reflects that Latino communities in Boston, New England and across the country.

After I-Power 617 became very successful again receiving 2006 emails and 4156 phone calls across the country. At the end of the year, I-Power 617 was now known as IP617 NATION in December 2009. In 2010 the official website celebrating 5 years on the world-wide-web and the name I-POWER 617 is now shorten to IP617 Radio. In the summer of 2010 Dino Santiago, Latino Dominican originally from The Bronx, New York now currently residing in Dorchester, Massachusetts made his debut joining his longtime friend and co-host Rafael Castro on the IP617 Evening Show.

In 2010 the IP617 Evening Show has received a call from motivated speaker Coach Tim Pierce from Las Vegas, Nevada; Skin doctor
Dr. Elton Tinsley from The Warren Ballentine Show in Chicago, Illinois, etc. At the end of the year in 2010, IP617 has received 2396 emails and 3908 phone calls. 
In 2011, IP617 Radio took to the next level by adding element features for the first ever IP617 Weekend Line-Up in the fall that Included WILD's Inside The Time Tunnel and more shows. We made IP617 the #1 Internet radio show in Boston, New England and across the IP617 Nation. Now in 2012, I-Power 617 Evening Show became the all new IPOWER EVENING SHOW. The '617' area code was dropped after the 4 hour internet radio show went popular across the country.  Our motto here at I-Power 617: "We Ain't Local, We're National!'
In 2013, iPower 617 became the all new iPOWER ONE FM under the new HEARTPLANET MEDIA. HeartPlanet Media replaces Occupy Urban Radio. HEART-PLANET describes whatever talent used on the planet earth which was adopted and is now our top internet radio media organization that features the iPOWER EVENING SHOW hosted by DeMarco Joe White, UnPretty Ricky, Rafael Castro & Stefan Mason. HeartPlanet Media covers iPOWER ONE (Our National Affiliate); iP617FM (Our Local Boston Affiliate); iPower One Nation, iPoder-Uno Latino and Classic Soul WILD Online (Formerly AM 1090) is now part of HeartPlanet Media.

Plus, The M.R.I.C. (Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut) covers the 3 New England States via Internet Radio WIPB-FM of iPower One. Our new slogan is now "ONE NATION UNDER URBAN MUSIC!" receiving 2000 listeners across the country. iPOWER-ONE FM remains associated with our non-affiliate of RADIO-ONE / REACH MEDIA, INC. supporting The Tom Joyner Morning Show and The Russ Parr Morning Show.

is now on TUNE-IN RADIO where you can listen to THE iPOWER EVENING SHOW & WILD'S INSIDE THE TIME TUNNEL anywhere online or on app via android 24/7.

On Friday, June 26, 2015 - Due to the disappointing responses and lack of cooperation from the people within City of Boston, iPower One has decided to part ways and focus more on other major cities. We'll still be connected with our loyal fans in the Boston, MA. However we will no longer try and reach out to those who don't want to be reached out to. Envy and jealousy drove iPower One out of Boston and now where taking our station elsewhere.

We'll still do our regular business here at iPower One FM with some forcible changes. Starting now --- our local affiliated iPower 617 will now become the all new iPower 98.9 WIPB FM. Under that new name change we will still carry 'The iPower Evening Show', portions of 'The Russ Parr Morning Show & Tom Joyner Morning Show.' WILD's Inside The Time Tunnel will still remain on Saturdays. We apologize to our loyal fans for the decisions that were made.

Later in December 2015, iP617HD-TV was replaced with the all new iPower 2 HD-TV (via YouTube) for a more broader audience instead of focusing on Boston (local) stories and events occuring around the city. iPower 2HD is now a partnership with our internet radio station affiliate 98.9 WIPB-FM (part of iPower One & HeartPlanet Media).

On Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - iPower One / 98.9 FM & iPower 2HD-TV became a New York City Radio Station & Television (via YouTube) after 10 years on the internet airwaves broadcasting out of Boston, Massachusetts covering Rhode Island & Connecticut. iPower's main focus is to reach out to more listeners and watchers in the Tri-State Area of New York, New Jersey & Connecticut.

The location switch was well planned during the 10 years iPower One was broadcasting out of the City of Boston. On Monday, January 1, 2018, iPower One will fully focus on the NYC cutting ties with Boston, MA; but not it's 40% of loyal listeners that supported the online radio station. WILD's Inside The Time Tunnel is also getting a new name change while in New York becoming NYC's Inside The Time Tunnel next year in 2018..