iPower One & iPower 98.9 is the Official Website of Internet Radio HeartPlanet Media - WIPB-FM New York, New York. Operating our service to the urban communities since 2005. We can be reached via email: iPowerOneNation@Gmail.com


iPower One does not promote the selling of any illegal drugs nor sexual pornography. STRICTLY PROHIBITED!! All host or hostess of any iPower FM Radio program are prohibit by charging invited guest whomever appears on the internet radio program. All exclusive interviews by the individual host or hostess who invite individual guest from the community on iPower One or iPower 98.9 WIPB-FM are absolutely free to the public.

Local or major music artist from major cities across the country who would like to appear on iPower One or iPower 98.9 (via telephone or inside the studio) with their music talent via CD is allowed. But in order for the individual artist to have his or her music played on the internet radio WIPB-FM must conduct an exclusive interview. (Applies to all regular & internet radio stations) Refusal to conduct an interview with the individual host or hostess, your music will not receive any air time on iPower One. We accept Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Gospel, Classic Soul, Reggae. Musica Latina: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaetón. PLEASE, YOU MUST REVERB YOUR MUSIC OF OFFENSIVE PROFANITY!

The iPower Evening Show broadcast from New York, New York, is a urban internet radio/official website of the African-American & Latino communities in the Tri-State (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) across the country, where we deliver ‘Today & Yesterday’s’ hottest music; along with news, information and Black, Latino & American history. Volunteers are well committed to the job based from the heart, talent, and no was money involved to create this successful project.
Comedy is involved for entertainment purposes only; but we deal with the serious topics & real issues in our communities across the board! All races, nationalities, sexual orientations and religions are respected while performing on this internet radio show. It is the volunteer participant’s right on The iPower Evening Show to defend his or herself if they feel offended in any way by volunteer participants, the callers or emailers.
It is the volunteer participant’s right to reply and respond to a news stories, persons or any topic issues that could be offensive or any interest concern to the individuals to discuss about. It is the callers, the emailers & the volunteer’s right to ‘Agree to Disagree.’ Volunteers, callers and emails are prohibit in making non-provoking threats because of an individual’s thoughts and opinions of their facts, researches or both. 

iPOWER ONE & iPower 98.9 contains strong language, thoughts and opinions that might be inappropriate & not be suitable for young adolescents under age 14; such as music and languages or profanity that might be inappropriate to some of the listening audience of The iPower Evening Show. Parental discretion is advised!